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Their finance management is good for themselves but can irritate their better half or kids by being a miser sometimes. They are caring for relationships and can easily understand your needs. They make good parents and impart their knowledge to their kids. They are not good at managing finance and have a tendency of spending over their limits. Usually, they will never have enough funds for emergencies. There is Yoga like Manglik Yoga which can affect marriage but it should not be applied blindly. Compare the strength of the 1st and 7th house.

If the 7th lord is powerful than 1st house lord then the spouse will be of higher status. Also, the presence of raja yoga in navamsa also results in the spouse from the rich background. Following rules should be checked in order to check if you will get a rich spouse. Check Rajyoga and Dhanyoga in your navamsa, if strong Rajyoga and Dhanyog are present in your navamsa then your spouse will be rich. In general words, Rajyoga takes formation by the association of 1st,4th, 5th, 7th, 9th and 10th houses and their lords. Note: the relation between 9th and 10th house is the best Rajyoga.

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For example, in your navamsa, there might be the relation between 4th house and 9th house or between 7th house and 9th house. This will be called as a Rajyoga in navamsa. If you have these present in your chart it means that you have Raj.

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If such association exists in your chart, it means that you have Rajyoga in your navamsa. I have done a separate series on these Special Rajyoga , which you can follow and apply on your horoscope and navamsha. Similarly relation between 2nd and 11th house lord with 1st,5th and 9th creates dhanyog in a horoscope and also check these in your navamsa too. Best Dhanyoga comes from the Planetary relation between 2nd and 11th house lords. Also, placement of 7th lord in upachaya growth house is also an indicator of the spouse with a heavy pocket or heavier than yours.

For working spouse, check in your birth chart if 7th house is making a connection with 2nd, 10th or 11th. Not so long ago working spouse was not common in India but with modern needs of society, we can see women working in many fields and earning better than their spouses. Sometimes it might happen that things contradict in D-1 and D It means your birth chart might show working spouse but in D-9 combinations are not supportive for same.

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Now, what if D-1 does not show working spouse but D-9 holds clues for same. Then in such cases spouse will have a job but good progress will come slowly with time. If combination exists in both D-1 and D-9 then it indicates a spouse with a good earning profession. This color factor is always a cause of stress to our ladies of India. No surprise tv commercial is full of whitening creams and the matrimonial section of the newspaper are quite amusing while giving a description of brides.

Though such compulsion is not applicable to men unless salary criteria are up to mark. In order to find the color of spouse female should check their Jupiter placement and males should analysis their Venus placement.

Read Your Own Horoscope: A Step-By-Step Tutorial to Vedic Astrology

The Same concept should be applied to the seventh house and its lord also, the strongest of the seventh house, seventh lord and venus will decide the complexion of the spouse. Influence of Saturn, Rahu or Ketu over them results in the average looking spouse.

Love and Care in any relationship are seen through karaka of that relation. For example, Sun is karaka for father, if weak or afflicted it results in bad relation with father or miscommunication between them. Similarly, if you want to know whether your spouse will be loving or caring then check following parameters. Venus is karaka of wife and Jupiter is for Husband, when well placed and under auspicious connection, especially by 1st, 4th, 5th, 7th and 9th house lords, then your spouse will take care of your needs and there will be mutual love and care.

Check the condition of your 7th house because it rules over marriage and related affairs. Especially from the 6th lord influence of 6th house lord influence can make spouse cruel in nature, same holds true for malefic like Mars and Ketu when they afflict your 7th house or its lord.

Karakas In Vedic Astrology (Significators of Houses in Birth Chart)

Both Aries sign and planet Mars have fire tatwa in them. As mentioned in above paragraph, fire signs in 7th house give a tall spouse.

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This clearly shows Michelle Obama is tall and is blessed with an appealing and a commanding personality. Now, we have to consider other planetary effects on the 7th house or its lord.

Here in Obama horoscopes, 7th lord mars are making a union with planet Rahu and Rahu have a planetary association with his 7th house also. Michelle Obama has a prominent jaw which is due to Rahu aspect on 7th house of Barack Obama. If this Rahu was under planetary affliction than it would have given her gaps in her teeth.

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Dhana yoga - Wikipedia

Second example here is of Bill Clinton, his wife Hillary Clinton is one of the most powerful people on whole earth. This example can be used for Status of the spouse also. Just look to him and he will be there Astrology is a divine In a very simple way, such a complex technique has been taught by Sir through this video. In James Braha This is the easiest question Visit: www.

Relationship Capacity Report for Women In this video I talk about the nature of the house lords in Vedic Astrology and how they are used to determine the greatness of a person. This is a very important This video is hosted by sunilee at Mumbai xplaining about fruits of lagna lord when placed in different houses. Rashi loard gives a fast and beneficiary result, if any one does proper Mantra and pooja defiantly they can get result very fast. Astrologer Namrata is a famous House Rulerships in Astrology.

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