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Most of its secrets are only divulged as a result of compassionate and unwavering devotion to humanity and the Divine or whatever you may call it. Elder Mountain Dreaming, perhaps You should ask yourself if you can really, truly claim that you know much of anything at all about astrology.

The Neptune In Aquarius: Personality

Actually, all outer planets have a huge influence on us personally. The house position of those planets and their aspects to the personal planets and angles see to that. Read Jeffrey Wolfe Green for a deep exploration into the outer planets, particularly Pluto, and what they represent on a personal level.

An outer planet alone would have less impact on a personal chart. It would however have more impact say in a synestry chart. To illustrate : Because Pluto moves so slow many people will be born as the days go by and will share a close placement to Pluto with each other. There would also be 3 passes by Pluto , many more people will be born during this time! I would say a generational planet would have more impact by house position. For instance : the 12th house is a house of confinement , institutions.

A person with Uranus on the asc. A conjunction between a personal and a generational planet in a natal chart would be the most powerful. She was in charge of a whole department of people living and dead yet in her personal life she was quite.

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I think also because of the nature of outer planets and really all planets as well are more concerned with the collective and therefore have a higher octave of vibration. The consciousness of the individual is an important component to take into account in regard to the potency of outer planets having a stronger influence for a person. Also, in that case the energies of the constellations will be stronger than the planets as well because the consciousness has become more cosmic so to speak.


I can attest too that to some extent. There is a woman. She wanted to have an affair with me , but I said no thanks. When I found out her birthdate it was the same as Barbara Hand Clows! Although she had been a high school psychologist , she had no background in astrology or metaphysics She does however have a lot of personal charisma.

I also have to take into account that she probably has a different asc. Barb I think is a Chiron rising near the 12th house cusp in the 12th house. My friend probably does not. At the same time a blade of grass that germinates at the moment you were born will no doubt have a different life experience than a human being. However ; though my friend and Barb Clow are obviously on different vibrationary level there still will be a synchronisty there in their experiences on a different level.

You want to talk about unique well first tell you better have it in exact 0 degree orb like me. Oh good for you! Maybe the next Selena Gomez or Miley Cyrus? Or do you consider yourself to be more of an intellectual mind such as Louis Pasteur? Would love to see what the stars have in store for you especially if there are no challenging aspects in your chart.

I find it funny that is the exact time of the golden era of jungle music. It was very much an era of great creativity, unmatched in this time since the conjunction passed, I have a uranus neptune conjunction in 10th house capricorn and am in love with composing jungle music, many other aspects creating and boosting this musical thing that is deeply entrenched in me. Also makes sense to me now that people who used to make this music but werent born in this conjunction have lost the ability to make it after it has passed.

It just wasnt possible anymore, they didnt feel it. Everyone is saying now that time was magical and out of this world and in a way they are right, they just dont know what caused it and that people were born in that time to bring the energy back into this world again, and the time is coming transits when it will become obvious.

I meet a lot of young peolpe with this combo on my Cap. Menu Skip to content. Search for:. January 11, October 7, Jamie Partridge. Will I be the embodiment of this aspect? That was rude and uncalled for. Astrodienst must be using an orb greater then the 5 degrees I used. What does that even mean? People who have this placement will experience tremendously strong love-at-first-sight relationships, as the nature of the planet is to make things escalate rather quickly.

Nevertheless, this is a double edged knife, as the planet can make an affair end as quickly as it started, even without any apparent reason. With Uranus in the 5th house, the native usually is not very fond of emotional bonds and will be the one ending a relationship. Of course, if Uranus has very difficult aspects with other planets, one may experience a rather discordant love life with many abrupt endings, drama, and extreme situations.

The eccentric character of his partners might bring a lot of problems even after the break-up, and the breakups can create a general havoc. Uranus in the 5th house can create musicians — mainly of some alternative type of music.

moon: taurus ♉️

Their music and behavior on stage are very creative and original. Of course, not all people with this placement become artists of some kind; aspects to Uranus from Venus , Neptune and the two lights Sun and Moon are empowering the possibilities though.

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  • Concerning gambling, which is also ruled by the 5th house, this placement gives possibilities of big gains and losses. Everything depends on the aspects from the other planets; if Uranus is well aspected then there are possibilities of big and unexpected gains. This is even more prominent if the second house cusp falls in Aquarius, or Uranus receives trines and sextiles from Venus or Jupiter. If you have a 2nd house Venus or Jupiter trining your natal Uranus, you should definitely gamble once in a while.

    Astrology & Lunar Calendar Astronomical Event Dates to Know | Allure

    Even if you buy a very cheap lottery, there are great possibilities of gaining a windfall of money with this placement. Try that, especially during transits of these three planets through the exact natal locations of any of these planets. Then, the gates of luck open! If you have Uranus in the 5th house, be very careful in your sexual encounters as this placement gives possibilities of unexpected pregnancies.

    Even when you are in a stable relationship, the pregnancy might come in a period that you would least expect so always use contraception in case you do not feel ready for this responsibility. On the other hand, if a child is born, it will be of a rather eccentric nature, even possibly a genius.

    Uranus will make it be very interested in technology from its early years, and you should regard it as an equal human being to you. The child might possess a wisdom and insights that rarely children have, and thus this will complicate its character.

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    • To help him bloom in a harmonic way, do not pressure him; be that kind of parent that listens to him and interacts a lot, giving him a lot of choices from its early years. Give him some freedom and be friends; this is the best way to allow his Uranian energies to function well. These individuals will probably continue playing games on their PC or console during all their life, as such types of recreation give them a lot of joy. This, combined with the great sense of humor the native usually has, makes him a great company for online games and all type of activities that involve technology.

      Yes, even sexual.

      Every Important Astrological Event and Date You Need to Know in 12222

      Close that Skype while you read this article, that hottie is probably disturbing you from paying attention to what you read! Each planets have a different effect on you, depending on which house and sign they reside in. In order to find out where they are located in your natal chart, you can use our free birth chart generator. Also, examine the aspects that they form with other planets in your chart.